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Even due to a minor corruption in SQL database, the MDF and NDF files become inaccessible to the users. This way SQL Recovery Tool can make recovery of corrupt databases a lot easier. Whether you are using older or newer version of Microsoft SQL Server in the company, this tool can easily recover all types of damaged data. In addition, it still has the capability to repair views, tables, damaged keys, triggers, stored procedures, foreign keys and primary keys in the database of SQL Server. With this repair tool, you can secure all the critical information related to business and maintain activity automation, workflow and security of large databases.

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Why Use SQL Recovery Tool?

Whether corruption is minor or severe, you can recover all of your information with this utility software. Here are some features that make this software more powerful.

Corrupt SQL Database Recovery: When it comes to combat large amount of data loss, this recovery solution is friendly for your SQL Server Database. With this tool, you can recover all of your data back in almost all scenarios like virus attack, improper shutdown, malfunctioning of operating system and even more. It eliminates the problem of corruption and scans mangled entries in the database as a whole. In order to get the entire corrupted database in normal condition, the entire bit pattern is corrected and corruption issues are eliminated.

NDF and MDF Restoration: Including both MDF and NDF database files, this software repairs entire SQL Server database. MDF or .mdf includes all the table information of system and header as a primary database file. On the other side, the secondary file is NDF that also stores same information. If both of these files are victimized by database shrinkage, logical fragmentation, bugs and other corruption issues, SQL Server database becomes inaccessible. This way, SQL Recovery Tool recovers back all the NDF and MDF objects.

Repairs Almost Everything: In the SQL Server databases, almost everything is safely recovered with this diverse software including tables, views, triggers, rules, stored procedures and other functions defined by the user. Not that all, XML database recovery is also supported by this tool including sparse columns, set property, data types and xml indexes.

Recovers Desired Objects: With this SQL recovery software, the users can easily select the desired objects in the SQL database and recover it back easily. It also allows you to see the list in tree structure and save the recovered files in your desired path.

Preview the Objects: With this application, you can scan the entire database that is corrupted or damaged and see all of your “to-be-recovered” files in tree form and sort the list in the table. To display the contents, choose any table to recover. With this feature, you can verify the content with original data to know whether it was there before the database was corrupted.

Facilitates Searching: After you have scanned the list, you are not required to do manual search. This is why because you are offered with “Search” option by the software with which you can find intended items by using your desired criteria.


Versions Supported: SQL File Recovery

Support: MS SQL Server 2016 and all lower versions

Operating System: Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP/2003/Vista/7/8




SQL Database Recovery

SQL Recovery tool is one the best and easy solution repair inaccessible sql database. Use Free Trial Version.

*Free Trial version of software allow you to display the preview of recovered data in evaluation version.

Key Features

  1. Repair Corrupt SQL Server database

  2. Restores Objects of MDF and NDF Files

  3. Repairs all Database Components

  4. Allows Selective Recovery

  5. Preview of Recovered SQL Database Objects

  6. Allows Searching the Items

  7. Covers Many of SQL Database Corruption Errors

  8. USE Free Version

  9. Support Windows 98/ME/NT/2000/XP/2003/2007/Vista Windows 8